May Ejbees General Meeting

Hooray | Good News

Our first meeting was a great success. We have another planned for May 8th at 10:30 a.m.

We’ll meet at the Wild Olympic Salmon shelter at HJ Carroll Park in Chimacum: 9884 WA Highway 19, between Chimacum School and Ness Corner Road.

The Shelter is a covered area with open sides, and we are allowed up to 50 people in attendance. We shall be observing strict masking and distancing rules. There are some large picnic tables with benches, but it would be great to bring your own camp chairs, folding chairs, etc.

HJ Carroll Park, Chimacum 9884 WA Highway 19

This will be a chance for new members to experience the group in action and for “old” members to meet these enthusiastic new beekeepers.

Some of our experienced apiarists will present accounts of overwintering their colonies (many of us have had great success this winter).

We will also have recommendations for where to get bees and what equipment to buy, and we will answer questions about the upcoming beekeeping season. 

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