East Jefferson Beekeepers Association

Visit our official club website at EJBees.org for information on membership, club activities, classes, schedule changes, and newsletters.

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Participate in beekeeping classes
  • Be on the list to receive swarms the EJB swarm coordinators rescue.
  • Link up with an EJB mentor
  • Become an EJB mentor
  • Have access to EJB equipment
  • Receive written notes on methods (example: the alcohol wash for mite counts) and detailed write-ups or recordings of special presentations (“Apiary” Dave Noble, EJBs Sept 2019)
  • Join occasional club outings (to hear Dr. Sue Cobey at NOPBA in Port Angeles, Feb. 2020)
  • Participate in fun club events like the Rhody Parade and the Jefferson County Fair beekeeping booth
  • Participate by giving a presentation or demonstration at a meeting or contributing tips and techniques to the newsletter
  • 5% discount for EJBees members at Tarboo Valley WoodenwareOpens in a new tab.
Jefferson County Fair 2019 – Lots of fun

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