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See You June 8th | Monthly Meeting

Greetings, EJBees Members and Guests! 

Welcome one and all to the bee club’s June monthly general meeting!   

Most exciting on the June list is likely the first-month adventures of our new beekeepers who received their nucs or packages in May and started their new apiaries, well prepared from the club’s beekeeping course. Bring your stories and questions to share at the meeting!

Swarm stories, too–and Rich will present some details of “swarm mechanics” including the buildup and timing of the swarm itself, and the colony’s process of selecting (and agreeing upon!) a new home.

Turkish poppy (Papaver orientale)

“June is bustin’ out all over,” as an old Roger’s and Hammerstein show-tune proclaimed. As gardens start to explode with color, our bees and native pollinators are in a whirl to visit the new blooms.

Time to start planning summer pollinator-garden tours, too, if club-members would like to participate in showing and visiting some lovely and educational floral offerings. Last year’s destinations were Laura & Jerry’s Lonely Pines Farm, and Rich & Susi’s uptown PT pollinator-friendly garden. Anyone interested, please contact Susi (richandsusi@ejbees.com).

The proposed changes to our East Jefferson Beekeepers Association By-Laws are on display on this blog (Members Area, section “By-Laws”) for review. The general membership’s vote on these rules will take place at the monthly meeting on July 13, 2024.

Photo gallery from the May general meeting; sampling a member’s hives for a WSU study with Bri Price; and Rhody parade (full parade gallery will be posted in the Members Area, section “Events”):

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