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See You May 11th | Monthly Meeting

Greetings EJBees Members and Guests! 

Welcome one and all to the bee club’s monthly general meeting for April, as we ready ourselves to receive ordered shipments of bees and queens, and to enjoy the increasing activity of our overwintered colonies as the foragers visit blooming fruit trees and early spring flowers.   

Presentations and discussion will focus on topics such as receiving your purchased bees, early season swarming, and bait hives to attract such swarms. Maybe we’ll talk about honey! Some of you may still have questions on siting the apiary or about necessary equipment and tools.

For the beekeeping classes, we’ll bring in honey-processing equipment for a demonstration. Also for class participants, sign up for the hands-on apiary visit scheduled for April 20-21.

Speaking of signing up—it’s time for club members to sign up to join the fun of walking in the Port Townsend’s annual Rhody Parade on May 18th.  Family members of all ages are welcome to participate!

Meanwhile, during March we enjoyed two well-attended and enthusiastic sessions of the club’s beginning beekeeping course, and a monthly meeting that included a guest speaker, Bri Price, from WSU (see photo below in the gallery).

Here are a few photos from the general meeting and classes from the month of March:

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