EJBees Swarm Responder Guidelines

Swarm Responder Guidelines

There are six zones: sign up for your specific region to ensure efficient swarm response.

  1. North Zone: Port Townsend, Cape George, Discovery Bay, Fairgrounds, Jacob Miller Rd.
  2. Island Zone: Marrowstone Island
  3. Central Zone: Kala Point, Airport, Chimacum, Irondale, Port Hadlock
  4. West Zone: Sequim
  5. East Zone: Port Ludlow, Mat Mats, Paradise Bay Rd, Kingston, Poulsbo
  6. South Zone: Quilcene, Brinnon, Coyle
  7. Receiver
  1. Members must sign up each year. Last year’s sign-up does not automatically transfer. Sign-ups are added as received on a first-come, first-served basis for call-outs.
  2. The Swarm Coordinator (Tony Weller) manages the 2024 Swarm Responder and Recipient List, which is posted on this site (“Swarm List 2024“) and is password-protected to protect everyone’s privacy. Contact Tony for the password or to sign up: tony4bees@gmail.com.  If you’d prefer to keep your contact information completely confidential, please let Tony know when you sign up.
  3. Bee swarm calls require immediate response. Unreachable responders will be bypassed.
  4. You have first choice to keep the bees yourself, or you can pass them to a member on the Recipient List (let Tony know your preference when he calls you out for a response). You cannot sell them.
  5. Upon arrival at the scene, you become the Swarm Leader. If the Swarm Coordinator (Tony) is present, you will work under his direction.
  6. Safety for residents’ property and personnel is the responsibility of the person in charge.
  7. If a tree branch, building, or property scenario is involved, get permission from the property owner before proceeding.
  8. Please exercise caution and prioritize safety during swarm removal.
  9. Wear proper protective equipment (suit, veil, gloves) when handling bees.
  10. Have all necessary equipment (boxes, smoker, tools) ready and accessible.  
  11. After the swarm removal, share your experience, problems, and suggestions with the Swarm Coordinator to improve the process.
  12. We are a small coordinator group and will do our best to call you in your specified region.