Make Hard Candy Board Mold

Making Hard candy using sugar and water


The picture above is of a pot containing a boiling sugar/water solution with a candy thermometer and a long spoon. This is a hot (234 degrees) and dangerous method for feeding your bees, though it is used regularly by many beekeepers.

In an article in HoneyBeeSuite Opens in a new tab. , Rusty gives directions for making fondant. As usual, she speaks from years of experience. One entertaining tip is to use as much water as necessary, but as little as possible.

Above is the mold I use for making a candy board for wintering bees. The glass makes a hole in the rectangular candy sheet for the bees to go on top.

What You’ll Need

  • regular size cookie pan
  • parchment paper
  • spring clips
  • drinking glass

Carefully pour hot candy mixture on the candy sheet mold. 

After moderately solid, remove the greased upside-down glass by twisting and pulling up.  

When cooled, you’ll now have a very long-lasting candy board, without the need to open and feed your bees during very cold conditions, so they aren’t exposed to the elements.

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