Time to Order Your Bees

Sure, there’s still a chill in the air, but bee delivery will be here before you know it.

Nuc | Packages | Queens

Nucs, packages, and queens sometimes arrive as early as late April, and some suppliers have deadlines and/or a limited amount of stock available. Don’t be that sad person hugging their empty hive wondering why you didn’t order bees in time. Make sure you’ve got bees on order to put in your hives for 2021!

Okay, I’ll be right upfront. Gloria (Tarboo Valley Woodenware and Honeybees) has been our mentor since Beth and I started this fantastic hobby. Gloria’s local; she answers her phone and knows more about bees than I will in my lifetime. As I said, I buy my bees from her; give Gloria a call at 360-301-1850 or email at gloria@ejbees.com

Several vendors sell bees, and you can find them on our sister website ejbees.org.

Okay, let me tell you a secret, I buy bees from her for one reason. This gives me priority access to her. Yep, she’s saved my bacon a few times. Actually, she is the “Queen Bee” of our club. Don’t tell her; she takes no credit for all her help to a new beekeeper.

Where to buy Woodenware

So before you buy your bees they need a house. Where is the best place to buy bee equipment locally?

There are several local producers of woodenware. Tarboo Valley Woodenware and Honey Bees in Quilcene, and Stedman’s Bee Supplies in Silverdale both make quality products. It is nice to handle the equipment before you buy, so please support these local businesses. Mann Lake is the biggest national firm and will ship for free for an order of $100 or more. Information for the local companies can be found in the “web links” section of the website ejbees.org.

Tarboo Valley Woodenware and Honey Bees is the business of Gloria & Frank Neal, members of EJBees, and offers a 5% discount for all woodenware to paid members of this club.  Give them a call at 360-301-0686 or 360-301-1850 and visit Tarboovalleywoodenware.comOpens in a new tab.

Starting out as a new beekeeper and having Gloria and Frank on your team will set you up for success.  

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