Waggle Dance of Honeybee

How Could This Bee

How can honeybees communicate the locations of new food sources?

Austrian biologist, Karl Von Frisch, devised an experiment to find out! By pairing the direction of the sun with the flow of gravity, honeybees are able to explain the distant locations of food by dancing.

Courtesy of Georgia Tech College of Computing (MARS)

“The Waggle Dance of the Honeybee” details the design of Von Frisch’s famous experiment and explains the precise grammar of the honeybee’s dance language with high-quality visualizations. This video is a design documentary, developed by scientists at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing in order to better understand and share with others, the complex behaviors that can arise in social insects.

Their goal at the Multi-Agent Robotics and Systems (MARS) Laboratory is to harness new computer vision techniques to accelerate biologists’ research in animal behavior. This behavioral research is then used, in turn, to design better systems of autonomous robots.

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